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Graphs represent county-level data. Is your property gay friendly? Also, it rains a lot here which is really bad for perms but there are a couple of beautician's in Juneau that he thinks are good. Rent in Juneau for a two bedroom apt. I personally have many gay, lesbian, and bi friends here in Juneau and it doesn't seem to be much of an issue. If you're just out of high school or a "traditional" aged student, I would highly recommend living in the dorms. It's probably true that snow removal, sanding, etc.

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Most people there live in cabins with wood stoves, minimal or no electricity, out houses, and they garden and hunt and fish etc.

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FAQ About Living in or Moving to Alaska

Talk to people in the bar, store, library, etc. Back to top Other pages relating to life in Alaska: Hmmm, well, what part of "Alaska" As far as social security being a hassle here, probably no more so than anywhere else, especially if you're considering moving to one of our larger cities. Now I'd never leave. Is it true there is surfing in Alaska? All I can say is that Alaska in general is pretty conservative politically a lot of Libertarians and even more so in the smaller communities except for little pockets here and there.

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I was all alone, I moved here in August, start of the rainy season in a year they had record rainfall. Are things like wildlife, earthquakes, avalanches, etc. Back to top Other pages relating to life in Alaska: I have a dog which is not at all an Alaskan-type dog. There are a couple ferry routes that you could take to get to Juneau. What else is there to do in the Juneau area? However, since the state of Alaska does not have a statewide income tax and some cities like the City and Borough of Anchorage don't have sales tax there are years where budgets fall short.

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