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Still wearing running shoes, Dave stepped out of his clothing, this will be over soon, he thought. Truth be told, Dave was no cowered. The main lot was always lit up at night, and the six white figures could clearly be seen dashing through the empty parking lot. It was one of their frat brothers' voices! You couldn't really see anything, just a slight movement from where the six pledges were standing and a slight, quiet, rustling sound.

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And it was time to stop being embarrassed by that -- and start being excited about it.

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The college hazing that changed my life

His blond hair was getting soaked in sweat, despite the cool night air. Another, an enormous man who went by the nickname "Ice" apparently he had just discovered "Top Gun"claimed to be a former Abercrombie and Fitch model and the son of a Dutch ambassador. The six pledges started to run on the track. Brian was a bit shorter than Dave, about six feet, and of average build. These he never sagged. It was dark now, and you could barely make out the shapes of each of the boys in the dark, moonless night.

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I heard somebody nearby yell out, "Well, this is lame! You have to get up at 4: The college hazing that changed my life I was a young gay man hoping university athletics would help me fit in. These guys were self-confident, manly and attractive -- and nobody seemed to question their abrasiveness. No doubt that was the source of much of his homophobia.

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