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America needs to get over our christian nation pride and realize we're being oppressive morons. Would you fire a pedophile? Why then would something you cant control influence your ability to work? During the Romantic Era, in droves "lovelorn" men were committing suicide, in "fashion" with that time. Being gay is learned, not innate.

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Americans are in a free country!

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And if you truly believe that you are creating "good moral citizens" by permitting "gays" then you are wrong. No American citizen should be discriminated by their preference in a mate! Appropriate behavior may be open to interpretation and subject to discussion if the teacher chooses to share personal information through social media or in the classroom. Local 10 Forecast February 12 Evening Local. Monkey see Monkey do.

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Teachers should not be fired for being gay, because sexual orientation should be a non-issue. After all of the supposed 'advancements' our society had made on the issue why would we regress back to the ways of ignorance solely based on someone's sexuality, which by all means is a private matter. Everybody knows that its an extension of the home, why are you ignoring it? It is unequal treatment based on sex, religion, place of birthrace or any other arbitrary characteristic. Most to Least Likes:

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