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But yes now i remember, it was called Three of Clubs. There are not many gay guys my age in NYC 52at least not nearly as many as there should be. I can't believe I've forgotten its name. I think Toilet was on the 3rd floor. I also remember the Stud and Company, two very different gay bars I don't see mentioned upthread. I could have retired.

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There were two or three guys around these, naked.

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10 Sleazy Gay Places From NYC's Glory Days

Stupid place for baby-makers. Uncle Charlie's on Seventh Avenue is now or was haven't been down that way recently an Irish pub called "Fiddlesticks". Now I am nearly 40 myself and Ninth Avenue Saloon is pretty much like every other Hell's Kitchen bar, of which there are, frankly, too many with too little variation. I wish I had copywrighted the "Wagon Wheel" motif for gay bars. I found the link below: Pieces is like a throwback to the bars from the '90s in many ways.

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IIRC, it as a few steps down. We also discussed piano bars like Reno Sweeney W. The only place that's still doing a good sex business is the Liberty Inn and that's been there for at least 20 years,it's the kind of love motel where johns and hookers straight and gay go partake of the world's oldest profession. Ironically Keller's still stands derelict and abandoned. Sunday afternoon in the late 70's and 80's was always fun. It wasn't a club but one night a week at a west side hwy location. Pet Shop Boys just made a song about remembering clubs of our past.

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