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Army Sick and starving, he recalled the anguish of seeing American drones pass overhead at night but having no way to contact them. By Jim Bowie. The evening before, there had been a report of a male-on-male sexual assault in our unit. No, no, no. But in the bigger picture, the case is also the first instance of an inappropriate relationship between a female infantryman and a member of her leadership to go public. As we left the office, the sergeant searched for something consolatory to say.

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But It Was Different for a Woman.

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The registered owner of the Web site's domain name lists an address in Fayetteville, the city that adjoins Fort Bragg. Thanks for signing up. In their everyday lives, they pretended to be straight. The Taliban soldiers who were holding American soldier Bowe Bergdahl captive wanted to know if Barack Obama was gay, he said.

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These officers cite two reasons, sources familiar with the subject report:

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