Gay rights legislation history

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Retrieved July 10, That is why we are working to break down the barriers that exist and investing in efforts to recruit more qualified parents for children in foster care. However, there are still 12 states that have sodomy statutes. Twenty-one days later, county recorders are required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Retrieved 12 February A month after a mass shooting at a gay nightclubwhile speaking to the Republican National ConventionTrump promised to "protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology", [] but did not describe specifically what he would do to support LGBT people's safety. While the United States is considered by some a tolerant country with regards to LGBT rights, they continue to vary by jurisdictionand discrimination in jobs and housing is still legal in most states.

gay rights legislation history
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Some of those the press expected to be excluded from federal employment included "a person who drinks too much," "an incorrigible gossip," "homosexuals," and "neurotics. Privately printed. February 23,

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However, in the absence of sweeping federal legislation and several recent legislative measures that aim to curtail rightsLGBT workers are still under threat on the job.

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